Outdoor Projecting Infographic

Here at Wales SCA we recently agreed to run and host an outdoor conference!

As most of you will know, we have successfully run conferences and seminars for the business community for over 10 years, but they were indoors!

Planning the event was relatively easy, it was the execution we found more difficult. Unfortunately on the day, inevitably the heavens opened and we struggled to keep both attendees and equipment dry.

In this post I wanted to share an infographic by proencltd.com which provides some fantastic tips on keeping one of the most valuable assets protected during an outdoor event – the projector!


How To Make Exhibitions Work For Your Business

Participating in exhibitions is usually a costly affair and hence most businesses are reluctant to take part in it.However, even if it is slightly expensive, the long term benefits of it definitely outweighs the cost.

First of all, you have to select the right kind of exhibition which will suit your business the most. Do a little bit of research and make sure that the exhibition you are planning to attend will draw large number of crowds, who will be interested in your business. If there are eminent personalities and speakers visiting the exhibition, then it will surely attract large crowds.

Exhibitions are the best way to talk directly with the customers. You will also get to meet fellow business owners and have an idea about how they function and their strategies. Make sure you communicate with as many customers as possible. You will have an idea about what exactly are their requirements, what kind of products they prefer. Try to take the contact details of as many customers as possible. This will help you immensely in the future.

You should start preparing for the exhibition as early as possible. You are paying a lot of money to take part in it; hence you should make sure that the money is utilized properly. Get your counter ready quickly; make all the arrangements for electricity and lighting. Also decide the strategy which you will use to attract customers to your counter. Make sure that all the employees who will be there in the exhibition, are trained properly and know how to handle customers. Also ensure that you submit all the necessary information and the details, which are to be submitted to the organizer.

Before the exhibitions, with the help of advertisements, let all the people know that you guys are taking part in the exhibition. The best way is to check the website of the event and find out the media partners of the event. They generally run advertisements about the exhibition.Tell them what you are offering to the customers and your business background, so that they mention you in their advertisements.

However, the real work begins after the exhibition ends. You should try to convert all the possible leads into sales. Gather all the emails and the numbers you collected, and then try to send personalized emails to each of them instead of bulk emails. Try to keep in touch with them regularly.
If you manage to get your strategies right, then you will gain lots of benefits by taking part in an exhibition. It will allow you to have an idea about the current business trends and the customers main requirements. You will also be able to meet with new customers as well as existing customers.


Importance of good Public Relations for small businesses

Public relations can be defined as an activity that a business engages in so that it can be able to promote good will and communication between itself and its customers.

You may mistakenly think that big companies need PR more than small businesses. You will not be alone in this thought. A lot of people think the same too but this is quite the opposite. Small businesses need PR just as much as big businesses would need it.

Traditionally, PR was done through press releases. As much as it is still the case nowadays, technology has forced businesses to use social media platforms to carry out their PR campaigns. This is because almost everyone is on social media. Most of a business’s clients are able to access the internet in one way or the other. A great number of people are signed up to one social media platform or more. This makes it easier for businesses to contact their customers. These platforms have become so influential that ignoring them can have a negative impact on a business. Businesses that have embraced this trend are able to reach quite a huge number of its clients.

Public relations help build a business’s reputation. In this day and era, any business that has poor relations with its customers can easily be said to be doomed. Negative relations with your customers could generally spell a downfall for your business. Customers are the reason why any business makes sales. In a situation where you have a bad relationship with your customers, then low sales and low returns would be inevitable.

With PR, you want to generate a buzz about your businesses by creating its awareness. A lot of people may argue that marketing can be used to achieve this. Well, as much as it may also help, there is quite a huge difference between PR and marketing. Everyone knows that with marketing, it is the business trying to create awareness of its products to its customers while with PR; it uses a third party to positively influence the business’s customers.

All said, PR can be a good strategy small businesses can use to create a good relationship with its customers. PR is important for small businesses because;

It raises brand awareness.

Simply put, PR can go a long way in raising brand awareness. Businesses which engage in PR, are not only able to communicate with customers or create good relations, they also create brand awareness. Public relations also help a business raise awareness of its products. Constant communication with customers will lead to a good relationship with a business’s customers. The better the relationship between a business and its customer, the more satisfied a customer will be. A satisfied customer on the other had will greatly recommend a business’s product to his or her friend. The chain continues and within a short period of time more people are aware of your product. PR therefore helps small businesses create awareness of its brands.

Helps in Communication of information to customers

PR as early put deals with customer communication. It helps a business in communicating with its customers. Whether big or small, a business needs to communicate with its customers. PR is used to achieve this. For example, a business may want to inform its customers about its contact information. Best way to achieve this is by using PR.

Helps businesses become different from its competitors.

A business that is keen on PR whether big or small can use this as a competitive advantage. Creating a good relationship with customers can make them prefer using your business’s goods or services over those of your competitor. Customers need to be treated with great care because they are the reason a business exist. A small business that engages in PR is able to win customer preference over that of its competitors. This will then lead to high sales returns and high profit levels.

Helps a business become a market leader.

Public relations can help a small business become a market leader. This is because of the display of market understanding. Constant communication with customers can help build trust between customers and a small business. The more the customer trusts you the more your chances of becoming a leader in your niche market. This is because the customer will purchase more products or services from your business which in turn will increase your sales level. Communication with customers will show that you understand the market and product or service well. This will attract more customers because most people want to deal with businesses that portray a better understanding of the market. This builds trust between the two.

Special Thanks To Our Partners


Wales SCA holds a monthly breakfast meeting for local business owners to network and share ideas.

The event which is free to attend attracting business owners from the UK and often over seas.

If you would like to find out more or book your place for our next event please contact us @willicreative.co.uk

We would like to thank AEONA coworking space for the fantastic facilities they were able to provide our members during a recent conference in Australia.

Special thanks to North Wales Fire Sprinkler Systems for their design & installation of our brand new sprinkler systems at company HQ

Another huge thanks this time for the guys at Cardiff removals for their continued support and patience as we moved offices.